Delcote® Conductive Coating

Waste water treatment works take and treat sewage, extracting whatever can be recycled and purifying the water before returning it to our rivers.

One of the processes commonly used is to “digest” solid waste, producing methane that can then be used for energy generation. Digesters come in all shapes and sizes, but all are effectively large covered tanks with a methane collecting mechanism. The digestion process is more efficient if heat can be retained in the tanks.Water Tank Non-Static Coating

Polurethane foam insulation can be added to digester tanks to improve performance, but polyurethane foam is susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light. It needed protection. Delcote® has been used for nearly 20 years on metal roofing and has excellent UV resistance. Delcote® was applied over the polyurethane foam in order to provide superior protection against damaging UV conditions.  However, the combination of Delcote® (which has electrical insulating properties) and the operators’ rubber-soled safety shoes resulted in static shocks, and a potential hazard due to the potential release of gases from nearby vent valves.

A solution was needed and the Delvemade formulating team got to work, developing and testing a number of formulations, working closely with the owner of the digester tanks.

The result is Delcote® Conductive Coating, a single component, silicone coating with anti-static properties especially formulated to promote electrical conductivity.      Delcote® Conductive Coating was formulated to re-coat the digester tanks, dissipate built up static electricity, and eliminate static shocks. As an additional safety measure, slate granules were embedded into the Delcote® Conductive Coating to give the coating anti slip properties, especially important on the sloping top surface of the digesters.

Water Tank Non-Static CoatingIn summary, Delcote® conductive coating is silicone based and designed to be applied over existing Delcote® Silicone Protective Coating previously installed over an insulating layer of polyurethane foam, or directly over the polyurethane foam.

The completed system will continue to provide a tough, durable, and effective insulation with outstanding protection against all weather conditions.

Delcote® Conductive Coating can be roller, brush, or spray applied to the prepared surface.  It is available in black and supplied in 18kg drums. It can be used for complete tank coatings, designated walkways and other areas that need electrostatic discharge (ESD)

This project is a great example of the flexibilty of silicone, if you have any other interesting challenges don’t hesitate to contact us.

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