Cut Edge Corrosion Seamsil SeminarCut Edge Corrosion Seamsil® Seminar

Delvemade Limited offer a free 2 hour CPD seminar on the subject of “Cut Edge Corrosion”. The presentation is of particular interest and importance to Building Surveying Practices, Architects and Universities with BSc (Hons) degree courses in Building Surveying.


Approximately 1 hour


Tom Armitt


The seminar is provided free of charge. Lunchtime seminars for private RICS or RIBA Practices are available, with a free lunch, if required.

Booking a seminar:

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Module Placement:

RICS members, Building Surveyors, Architects and 3rd or final year students undertaking Defects Module of the BSc (Hons) degree course in Building Surveying.

Seminar Content:

The seminar deals with how to recognise types of plastic coatings used in the manufacture of profiled metal roof cladding “solution organic coil coated strip”. We explore and discuss problems likely to be encountered by surveyors undertaking defects or condition surveys on such roof types.

The reasons for breakdown and corrosion are examined and made clear to the delegates. Samples of current coating types are made available for inspection and delegates are encouraged to establish recognition of products currently and historically available.

The effects of location and colour choice on the long-term performance of metal roofs are explained to give delegates a basic understanding of the steel industry and its available roofing products.

Mechanical damage is a major factor in roof life expectancy and this aspect is explored fully. The presenter thoroughly covers the important difference between on and off site damage and how this inputs on critical areas such as horizontal roof lap joints and gutter overhangs. The repair of such mechanical damage is discussed with reference to the Seamsil® system, which has been the preferred repair method of most major steel producers, including both Tata (ex BSC) and Kingspan for over 20 years.

An introduction to silicone technology is given and delegates are provided with information to enable them to identify the generic types of silicone sealants suitable for metal roofing. Prevention of corrosion in newly constructed roofs is also covered.

Final discussion focuses on re-coating options for steel cladding, culminating with the manufacturers decision. The advantages of a sustainable re-coat option, which is now becoming the preferred choice of landlords and property owners seeking enhanced whole life performance figures, over the old method of roof oversheeting or replacement, is fully analysed.

In total this module aims to provide both, newly qualified and experienced surveyors with the tools to recognise problems that they will encounter during condition surveys of metal clad roofing. It provides them with the information to assess the available repair and maintenance options.

Presented by Tom Armitt

Tom Armitt – Delvemade’s Product Manager, has a depth of knowledge about cut edge corrosion, its causes and remedies. He is a graduate, with a master’s in drama and education, which helps to make his ever popular CPD seminars, interesting and memorable.

Tom joined Delvemade shortly after it became an independent subsidiary of Itac, the adhesive/ coatings formulator and manufacturer, that helped Delvemade develop its patented silicone external repair system for cut edge corrosion on profiled plastisol/PVDF coated steel roof sheeting, over twenty years ago.

Prior to joining Delvemade, Tom spent 2 years at Itac, gaining experience as an operator at shop floor level, in the factory observing first hand the processes involved in the manufacture of Delvemade products Seamsil, Delcote and Delglaze, amongst many others.He recently undertook a paint spraying course to take his first hand product understanding from raw material to final surface coating application. As well as traversing the country delivering his cut edge corrosion seminars, Tom is involved with business liaison and product facilitation. Delvemade materials are applied by a network of experienced and approved contractors nationwide.

Tom expects to deliver up to 100 CPD road-show seminars to RICS and RIBA members, as well as other professional specifiers plus students during the course of this year.