Delcote HPG for leaking guttersAll Delvemade products exhibit outstanding key performance characteristics.

  • Exceptional weathering and ageing qualities
  • Corrosion resistant – forms an anti- rust oxygen free bond
  • Better adhesion – direct bond, requires no primer
  • Long lasting elasticity and flexibility
  • Excellent UV and IR resistance

Delcote HPG for leaking gutters

Product Details

Delcote HPG

Purpose of Delcote HPG:

Re-lining of metal, concrete and asbestos gutter and rainwater systems.

Where to Use Delcote HPG:

Can be used on wide range of building components including mild steel, pvc coated products, galvanised steel, polyurethane foam, brick, concrete and phenolic foam.

Full Description:

Delcote HPG is a solvent-based blend of neoprene and hypolon rich pigmented liquid applied elastomeric membrane with excellent vapour retardent properties which cures to form a tough impact resistant protective coating. The product is suitable for a wide range of applications particularly where there is a requirement for a tough protective coating with high vapour retardent. Delcote HPG is normally applied without the need to prime and is suitable for application to a wide range of building components (see above). Used in conjunction with Seamsil 300 gutter joint repair, Delvemade HPG is ideally suited to provide tough durable reining material to reinstate metal, concrete and asbestos gutter and rainwater systems.

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