Delglaze for rooflight refurbishingAll Delvemade products exhibit outstanding key performance characteristics.

  • Exceptional weathering and ageing qualities
  • Corrosion resistant – forms an anti- rust oxygen free bond
  • Better adhesion – direct bond, requires no primer
  • Long lasting elasticity and flexibility
  • Excellent UV and IR resistance

Delglaze® for rooflight refurbishing

Product Details


Purpose of Delglaze®:

Re-coating and sealing of aged and weathered GRP rooflights.

Where to Use Delglaze®:

Concrete, glass, GRP, ceramic tiling and other building materials.

Full Description:

Delglaze® is a high performance, high build, single component moisture curing aliphatic polyurethane coating that cures to provide a clear, tough membrane principally for the re-coating and sealing of aged and weathered GRP rooflights.

Fully cured Delglaze® provides a tough clear elastomeric coating with crack bridging capabilities that can also be used on a wide range of common building components such as concrete, glass, GRP and ceramic tiling. Delglaze® is based on a unique blend of polyurethane resins to produce a coating, which provides a tough durable finish with a high degree of impact, erosion and weather resistant properties. Delglaze® is simple and easy to use straight from the can by roller or brush application.

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