Delvemade products are Guaranteed when purchased through Sharmans.

All Delvemade products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and guaranteed, when purchased through our sole service partner HD Sharman.

Products and Guarantees available –
Seamsil 100 Cut Edge Corrosion System: 15 years
Delcote Architectural Full Roof Coating System: 20 years
Delcote GS Gutter Coating System: 10 years
Delglaze Rooflight Coating System: 10 years
Seamsil 400 Bolt Encapsulation System: 12 months

What does the Guarantee for Delvemade products from HD Sharman cover?
Delvemade products, as supplied by Sharmans, are fully guaranteed to perform in line with their specification for the duration of the guarantee. If there is a failure of the Delvemade products, Delvemade undertake to supply new products to Sharmans, without charge, to enable repair or replacement as appropriate. Visit for full terms and conditions.

How is the Product Guarantee generated?
Correct installation/application methodologies developed by Delvemade and prescribed by Sharmans are critical to the lifetime performance of Delvemade products. Sharmans Approved Contractor Network receive comprehensive survey and installation training at one of their two purpose built training centres. Following review and approval by Sharmans Technical Team a Guarantee is issued.

Note: Delvemade does not guarantee or support any of its products purchased from any
source other than its sole service partner HD Sharman.