GE InsulationAll Delvemade products exhibit outstanding key performance characteristics.

  • Exceptional weathering and ageing qualities
  • Corrosion resistant – forms an anti- rust oxygen free bond
  • Better adhesion – direct bond, requires no primer
  • Long lasting elasticity and flexibility
  • Excellent UV and IR resistance

GE Insulation

Product Details

GE Insulation

Purpose of GE Insulation:

Roof insulation and weatherproofing.

Where to Use GE Insulation:

Can be applied to most existing roof surfaces.

Full Description:

The G.E. Roofing system is a lightweight composite sprayed insulation and weather protection suitable for sprayed application to most existing roof surfaces.

It comprises a seamless layer of rigid c.f.c. free polyurethane foam covered with two coats of protective G.E. silicone rubber. The completed system provides a tough, durable and effective insulation with outstanding protection against all weather conditions.

Other roofing systems simply cannot offer the total value of a G.E. roof. The combination of a long cycle, low maintenance, leek-free performance and energy efficiency make the G.E. roofing system an economical alternative to more orthodox methods.

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