Seamsil for cut edge corrosionAll Delvemade products exhibit outstanding key performance characteristics.

  • Exceptional weathering and ageing qualities
  • Corrosion resistant – forms an anti- rust oxygen free bond
  • Better adhesion – direct bond, requires no primer
  • Long lasting elasticity and flexibility
  • Excellent UV and IR resistance

Seamsil® for Cut Edge Corrosion

Product Details


Purpose of Seamsil®:

Treating corrosion and peel back at cut edges and end overlaps. Seamsil also provides the perfect answer to the effective sealing of roof lights.

Where to Use Seamsil®:

The system can be used on both steel and aluminium claddings adhering to coatings such as: PVC, PVF2 / PVDF, Silicone Polyester, Acrylic, Polyurethane and most paint finishes.

Full Description:

Seamsil® is a flexible silicone remedial system developed by Delvemade Limited in conjunction with GE Silicones, part of the General Electric Company of America.

The system, initially developed to solve the problem of cut edge corrosion on steel roof cladding, is rapidly becoming recognised as the most versatile and effective metal edge protection treatment in any situation where exposed metal is subjected to aggressive moisture conditions.For this reason, manufacturers across a variety of industries are specifying Seamsil® in the production of fabrications where resistance to corrosion damage is a requirement.The Seamsil® system has been developed against a background of decades of experience of roof refurbishment and repair and is designed to be “user-friendly” in application. A three stage system, comprising a gun applied sealant, a brush applied basecoat and a brushable topcoat, Seamsil®
requires little in the way of expensive application equipment.

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