Safety Data Sheets

These documents contain important information on the health, fire, reactivity, and environmental hazards from using Delvemade’s products, and how to work with them safely.  They will help you to identify specific hazards, understand safe product handling, transportation, and storage, and furthermore understand what action to take in an emergency.

It is essential to match the name of the product on the container label to the safety data sheet and be fully conversant with the information provided before product use.  The hazard symbols displayed on a container and safety data sheet, for quick identification with a product hazard, should always match.

Download a relevant safety data sheet for the product you are using.

Seamsil Top Coat Safety Data Sheet

Seamsil Base Coat Safety Data Sheet

Seamsil Sealant Cartridges Safety Data Sheet

Delglaze Safety Data Sheet

Delvemade T503 Line Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Delvemade T514 Thinners Safety Data Sheet